4 Hours

This is pretty much the average amount of sleep I get in a day.

I function really well on 8 hours, I could (I put could cos I haven’t, in 2 years) work, gym, have sex even or go clubbing. 7 hours, I can still all the things that I could do with 8 hours. Now 6 hours, that’s good enough, I make do very well with 6 hours, 6 is also my favourite number… I can work, I can play with my kids, bathe them, I can take the dogs for a walk, I can focus even. 5 hours… I can function. 4 hours is not funny.. AT ALL. I’m struggling and I fear getting sick.

Jordan has been a right cow the last week she keeps waking up at 2am & 5am, then  we ignored her so she’d wake up at 12mn and 4am. In order for any of us to get to sleep even, I had to feed her at midnight, I’m TOTALLY fine with her waking up ONCE a night, it’s not perfect, we can’t get the 7pm to 7am sleep schedule but whatever. But 4am? 5am? Are YOU KIDDING ME? So I ignored her and it worked for a day and then she cried and fussed and screamed from 4am to 5.45am when I gave up, everyone – the dogs, the maid, the husband all looked like they were gonna need a double shot of something. So I decide okay, I’ll just feed her… and I did, she woke up at 4.15am (after waking up at 9.30pm  11.30pm) and I feed her and she was sleepy and I burped her and put her down, she seemed to have difficultly finding a sweet spot and then she couldn’t and started fussing again at 5am… okay, other side, knock yourself out BUT no, she didn’t want milk…. then I figured it out, her gums are hurting. Poor baby. So she sat and gummed at her cot railings while I snoozed, then she drank and played with my face and before I knew it, it’s time to wake up. Sigh.

jordan 7.5

Totally unrelated, were  you stuck in the jam today? Whoa, craziness!! I’d sleep and wake up and still be in the same spot!

How’s your Monday been?


2 thoughts on “4 Hours

  1. This is how my husband puts it… Behind the sweetest smile emerges a nightly terror, faced by two, heard by many…Jordan Sage.

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