2 depressing matters :

The malaysian man who sodomized his 23 day year old son. I read it as 23 year old son and I was like; Seriously? Read it again and felt sick.

Then I read about more abused animals, bashed up kittens… why why why?

Later, when I got home and I was feeding Jordan, I started sobbing cos I felt so bad for bringing her and her sister into this world which doesn’t make sense to me any more. It’s down right cruel and inhuman. So yes, one day when I print out my blogs for keepsake and my daughters are reading this. I am sorry I decided to be one of those super strict, you will have a curfew and I want to know where you’re going and who with etc… because there are HORRIBLE people out there and I will read you the papers as soon as you can understand and you will know how dangerous some people are. Ignorance is NEVER bliss. That’s something your grandpa thought me a long time ago.

Although, I have to say… I do feel a little sorry for my girls. When you have me for a mom and I’ve either been there done that …or seen that, no way I’m going that far… it’s not gonna be much fun for them. Oh well.


One thought on “Downer

  1. Sometimes I feel very selfish for bringing a kid into this big, bad, ugly world too. Life is so much more complicated compared to when we were kids. I can’t imagine how much more it will change when they become adults 😦

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