Stupid People Should NOT Comment!

Stupid people drive me Insane!

1. Change your PD, he’s either old or not a pet person

2. Michelle Foo – people like you should be shot. You know those 18 people in China who walked pass the poor dying toddler and didn’t do jack-shit… those people are worse than most animals… dogs would never do that. Grow a brain.

3. Sherelle – if you can count FUR… you can add the S, unless you’re skinning the animal to make a coat… then again I wouldn’t put it pass you people!

Fur I can promise you, doesn’t cause asthma… if anything smoke does. If your child already has asthma, just keep your pet out of your kid’s room, my dogs aren’t allowed in Ry’s room either. Because I have asthma, Ry and Jordan have a 25% chance of getting it so we keep the dogs out of their room and we bathe the dogs every week and I use a wet wipe on Axl’s face cos of his dried saliva. It’s the dead skin cells and dried saliva which would trigger an attack.

Watching my kids grow up with and around dogs, brings a certain joy I would recommend to everyone and anyone…plus it helps to have a cleaning crew.

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