Wish ALL Weekends Were 3 Days Long

So we started our weekend on Thursday. We headed to Disgruntled Chef (instead of White Rabbit) for something different. It was different, it wasn’t great, it was just okay and rather expensive for something just okay. It was an anniversary and all but we still ended up at home by 10pm and try as hard as we did, the kids dominated 50% of the conversation :).

On Friday, we took Rylen to the Zoo. Now, my memory of the Zoo is all about big smiles, grins, pictures, animals, fun fun fun, animals and ice-cream. Not so much for Rylen… I was kinda miffed I left the happy child at home and got stuck with the emo kiddo. The whole time – she was grumpy… sullen even. Please someone give me back my baby, I’m not ready for this adolescent behaviour.
Then it rained poured and we had to spend wayyyyy too much time looking at frogs… then had to head home cos my boobs were starting to hurt, but first, ICE CREAM which FINALLY made Rylen smile! Remind me to pack raisins for a sugar rush next time (apples, biscuits, cheese didn’t do it)! The huge bummer is that we had to skip the water fun 😦 and I was prepared to join in this time :(. The pink raincoat my brother Christian gave her really came in handy!!
Ry Zoo 2011

After Ry’s nap, we headed to Manhattan Fish for Glory’s birthday and Nimfa’s early farewell dinner. They aren’t the brightest duo but so far they’ve been good to my girls and for that I’m grateful.

On Saturday, we really needed to catch up on sleep, sleep training Jordan aka Princess Sweetest Smile and Miz Scream-Ouch-Loud has been a process… I think things will only get better when we’re done breast feeding and I’m not ready yet. We were kinda getting somewhere and then I remembered she was overdue for her booster jab and in order to reduce the chance of her having a fever, I fed her on demand and it seemed to help… it also meant she fell back into her bad habit very quickly. So we’re back to square one and working on her sleeping through the night so that she can move into Ry’s room.

I’ve decided to get Ry interested in baking and so far, she’s helped me make scones and this weekend I found a Double Chocolate Chip recipe using Olive or Canola Oil instead of butter, which meant I had everything in my kitchen. At 6pm, Rylen helped me mix all the dry ingredients, counted how many spoons, cups, taste tested the chocolate chips, dipped her fingers into every muffin (hence it was shared between family members only) and then when I decided to add a bit of cream cheese at the last minute, she agreed it was a great idea. It was awesome, within one hour, we had muffins and went downstairs to play with soap bubbles and back home with Jordan in the tub at 7.10pm for her bath while Ry enjoyed 1/5 of a muffin before her bath.

Double Chocolate Chip and Cheese Muffin

We had salad for dinner and Garratts for dessert while watching Reel Steel, I loved the music, Hugh is hotness and the show, in general, was pretty alright.

On Sunday, I insisted the husband get up early and we went to East Coast with both kids… I wish these were outings I could enjoy, perhaps in time? Rylen is all diva and emo, this chicca DOES NOT LIKE SAND. You cannot imagine how depressed this makes me. I *heart* the beach, the ocean, the sun, the sand, the sea, like these things are my essence! Growing up all I ever wanted to be was a mermaid! So you can imagine when we go to the beach it usually involves a hellva lot of crying and snot and carry me please and her favourite phase … I WANT TO GO HOME NOW PLEASE. That’s Rylen’s usual and most complete sentence to date (she said it while watching Sesame Street, at the Zoo, when we dropped off the cheque for her daycare and now the beach). Jordan followed till I got her into the water and after that the sand felt pretty good to her too. Now I get that the water in Singapore is pretty disgusting, I know this…and it doesn’t help that I keep getting stung by jelly fish (they seem to love me! I’ve been badly stung in Sydney, Malaysia and East Coast beach) but seriously I don’t get this kid.  More beach trips are in order!

Chilled most of the afternoon, brought the kids and dogs to the playground and by 7.30pm Ry was asking to sleep and I was feeding Jordan. I do love productive weekends.


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