Bit Late at the Doctors

Many things happening at work and I try to schedule vaccination on a Friday morning, so I can take leave and the weekend to make sure there aren’t any issues… it’s not as easy this round. So I was very late for Jordan’s 6 in 1 booster, bad bad mummy. Firstly Jordan had a cold then I was busy with my project at work and etc etc.

So I took a day of last week to get both Jordan’s 6 in 1 and Ry’s MMR (yes, VERY late as well) done together and was thankfully informed by Angie that the pediatrician is closed the entire week, argh. So I went to my regular adult doctor instead and this is what happened.

She insist I hold Rylen very very close to me because the MMR jab (they didn’t have MMRV) is very painful. So I tell my doctor that Ry had never ever cried when given a shot, no once. My doctor looks at me and goes…well this is going to really hurt, it’s at an angle, please put her legs between yours, hold her arms down and hold her head against your cheek. So I start to get a little scared, this is only the second time I’ve had to go to the doctor with the kids without R and OMG this jab is gonna make Rylen cry?! Crap Crap Crap!

The needle goes in, Ry looks at the doctor, frowns and goes “Pain”. That’s it. She’s got her first ever real piece of candy that day and I was soooo proud.

Then it’s Jordan’s turn. Now Jordan is a screamer. I mean, when you look at her and she’s smiling at you and she just looks like the sweetest, most darling child but when she’s pissed… OMG… I have never heard a louder kid, her screams… they are piercing, membrane rupturing, glass shattering (if your glass is thin enough) I’m not kidding. So I am not looking forward to this at all. So the same thing… legs, arms, head against my cheek… she lets out a wail… I look at her, she looks at me, I go “FINISH” in a really annoy high pitched voice and she smiles and we’re done. Really?

The doctor is super pleased, she says both kids make her look good. Relief, Ry already wants a star tattoo…

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