London Weight Management


I have a knee problem and they say it’s their company policy to not work on people with damaged ligaments or torn muscles. First up, it would have been nice to know these things before I wasted my time. Before that, they called me at 12.25pm to ask me where I was… 1. my appt was for 1pm and they asked if I could make it at 12.30pm and I said okay. 2. when the customer tells you it’s 12.25 and she’s on her way…say okay, look forward to seeing you and PUT DOWN THE PHONE! Don’t argue with me and tell me it’s 12.30pm *^$@(*^$#!! Then there’s the deco – I do not like white and red vinyl, Amen.

So -minus points for wasting my time and being rude before that. I can’t say anything else can I?

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