I don’t like surprises, I always like being in the know and I don’t like changes (shocking uh?).. well too many changes. I had a really shitty weekend, Friday night include since I had to work, I think I was so stressed since I found out Glory was pregnant, I had a horrible headache by Sunday, my palms hurt because I’ve been digging my nails into my palm and I didn’t even notice. Now some might say ‘shit happens’ and you’re right it does and given the outcome I’d say I’m lucky.. but I feel horrible for Rylen. Soon, she’ll be off to daycare, fending for her little self and by next week she won’t have a familiar face at home :(.

The new helper is very different, I really do hate the place my family is in right about now, huge sigh. I’m so sick of making people ‘part of the family’ and then off they go.


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. sorry to hear things are changing – remember the well-used mommy mantra “This too shall pass”. Rylen will be ok …hugs

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