Childcare Days 1 & 2

So far, Rylen seems okay. The first day I kinda slipped out and there were a few tears and that was pretty much it, I waited till 10am and was told to leave (please). I will waited nearby just in case, sigh. I called during their nap time and was told she was fine. Went to pick her up at 4pm and goodness with those big eyes and that soulful look, I felt sooooo bad. But the teacher said she was good, she understands nearly everything and took instructions well, ate well and by herself, no issues. She asked if Ry wanted to come back to school tomorrow and Ry said yes. We went to the playground for a bit and she was really happy.

2nd day, she was major whiny at home and she woke up early 6.15am instead of 7am. Refused to tie her hair but she liked her uniform especially the fact that it had pockets :). Asked her Daddy for money so she could put it in her pocket. Refused a photo… sigh.There was crying when we left and again I waited nearby till 10 ish. Picked her up at 5pm and sigh.. those eyes, aiyoh. But she’ll get her shoes, put them on, give the teacher a flying kiss and off she goes. Waving to the tailor nearby, the soy bean auntie, the coffee shop girls and of course the cats.

We went to the playground, the whole lot – dogs, baby, Ry and I was soooo tired. Showered her when we got home and gave her ABC soup, raisins and yogurt… she was so whiny and kept crying just because I tied my HAIR, I even let her watch Sesame Street while eating!

Bedtime, she wants to call everyone – Daddy, Grandma, Mama, Godma, Papa just so she doesn’t sleep, but she’s damn tired and I know it. No brushing teeth, no prayers, she’s out,

However, she’s been waking up the past two nights screaming at around 11pm. Kinda sucks.

I cannot imagine next week when Nimfa goes home, Ry is gonna miss her so. Can I just say, it sucks to be Rylen right about now…. sob.


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