Good Bye Once Again

Today, Nimfa is saying goodbye. She’s not perfect (at all), sometimes she drives me crazy, she’s stubborn, vain, a gossip but we got along. I wish she wasn’t leaving but she’s got health issues and her husband wants her home. She says she wants to come back and work for me ASAP but I tell you I’m getting so used to these helpers and their white lies, I don’t believe anything any of them say any more.

Time to look forward. I can’t say I’m 100% about my new helper, but I need a helper, what can I do? Sigh, it’s a flawed system and we have to deal with it. I’m just thankful Jordan seems okay with her and … well, Rylen doesn’t get along with many people right now… Miss Emo Teenager gets annoyed faster than you can say the word annoyed. So cross fingers she’ll come to accept Lyn and I can get along with her as well in the long run… it looks bleak… I don’t think she’s funny even when she’s trying to be funny. She seems rather slow… moving, which annoys me. She’s hiding a loaf of white bread because I told her we eat wholemeal *rolls eyes*, come on, you buy with your own money I don’t really care!! I also know she has a boyfriend even though she says she broke up with him. I’m becoming one of those employers, I snoop and R is finally going to install those cameras (be careful when you pick your nose in my house ahahaha). I’m sick of being taken fore-granted and I’m sick of all the crap my family has had to deal with this year – helper wise. I’m still going to be a fair and decent employer but I’m not going to be shocked or disappoint anymore. I expect them to fuck-up, lie, be lazy etc etc.

I wish I could find my forever maid 😦


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