It’s been a trying week in general. With the new helper, Rylen refuses to spend time with, having to do many many things myself (how do people who work full time and have kids…eat?). R’s teaching at night, so I have to put both monsters to bed myself. Then Rylen falls sick, I’m sick, Jordan’s caught our cold, she’s coughing too but I suspect she’s just trying to copy me. Jordan’s also teething which means that she keeps biting my shoulder, is a little more shrill than usual and wakes up at night a lot (nothing new here) and has spit face.

I had a fully loaded work schedule, thank goodness the hubba managed to take a day off to look after Ry when she had her fever. Today she refused to go to school and we were worried about her fever, so we decided to let her stay home. This means I need to plan her meals (helper made beef jerky instead of beef cutlet) and wake my father in law up early to pick them up earlier. It also means I missed my transport and had to spend 33 bucks (a pedicure) on a cab to work!

I had a training session and couldn’t be late for it. It’s really sad when you’re the one speaking and ‘training’ and your content is so boring and dry you’re falling asleep. Did I mention I have a cough? I have no idea how teachers do this day in day out, yawn. I made many many lame as heck jokes.

I wanted to go to Hort Park tomorrow but now I’m not sure… I might fall over, but I would like the kiddos to go and get some sunshine!


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