The Cloud

We’ve been sick. Rylen and I got sick together (it seems) and we both tried to fight this bug ourselves. Lotsa red, green and yellow fruits and veggies etc. Then Jordan got a cold and got better with some medicine and beetroot. Then came the weekend, a late Saturday night putting up Christmas decorations at my SIL’s place and we all took a turn for the really bad. Sunday night, Jordan got really sick, she couldn’t sleep and was latched on all night, if I tried to put her back in her cot – she’d scream bloody murder, if I moved away from her she’d whine. My whole back was so stiff from playing human pacifier and of course we had to FINALLY see the doctors.

First we went to see their pediatrician (who was thankfully open, he’s closed again from the 4 – 21 Dec!) and whoa, we went before 9am and we were already number 8 and the clinic was super crowded with coughing kids, if I wasn’t already ill I would have been cringing! Antibiotics for both (first time) and Rylen antibiotics taste so nasty she cries every time she has to take it :(, she’s usually a trouper when it comes to taking her medicine.

Then we dropped Jordan home for her nap and went to see a grown up doctor, the husband finally caught the flu, sigh. It’s officially flu season, with 80% of the people coming in suffering from it. Remember how I had the flu jab? It seems so pointless now but I did skip the fever and body ache bit.

Two days on medical leave, I didn’t know I’d need it but I did. Day One was just dealing with the two of them. Then Day Two – Ry was good enough and fever free for 48 hours so she could go back to school (after missing 3 days). Jordan was sleeping better as long as I cleared her nose first which also mean I got 2 naps! OMG, TWO NAPS! I almost feel human.

On the way to school

Oh and with every cloud, there is a silver lining. That lining was being home and watching Jordan actually crawl from point A to point B, no bum shuffling required.


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