Supermom Slowdown

I’m so far from super mom, I have a lot of help. Yes, I’m still sleep deprived and the hours between 6.15am – 7.25am and 7.10pm – 9pm are pure madness of feeding, comforting, loving, story telling, saying no, cuddling and now sorting medication (there’s a lot less loving and cuddling in the morning cos I have to add getting washed and dressed – Rylen and myself). So yes, during those hours I feel like I’m playing supermom and OMG it’s tiring.

Then I read/watched this and it made me soooo sad. I feel so sorry for her, I cannot even imagine, my heart hurt and what’s scary is that it could happen to me! There are days where I’m cooking, I’m baking and then Jordan wants to nurse or just wants to be carried and I need a pair of scissors and the only way I can remember that I need scissors is by doing the cutting motion with my fingers and I can go a good two minutes doing it and then I look down at my hands and for a second I wonder… what the hell I’m doing… then it hits me SCISSORS. Motherhood sometimes turns your brain to fuzz.


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