I had a very interesting conversation with Rylen the other night but am posting this later since I had to get a photo of the book. I got this book second hand for a $1 but I still get really annoyed when Rylen tears her books, I keep trying to teach her to respect her books but… I’m failing.

Anyways, this is by far her favourite book. She doesn’t request it every night like she did at one stage but she does off and on. The poor book is in tatters.

nov 005

Ry: Mummy
Me: yes
Ry: Buy new book okay?
Me: No, I told you not to tear your books, you tear it too bad, I’m not getting you a new book
Ry: *pause* you buy new book for Mei Mei for Christmas okay?
Me: Uh? What? you want me to buy this book for Mei Mei for Christmas?
Ry: Yes, for Mei Mei. Merry Christmas *giggles*
Me: **dumfounded**

I have yet to explain the concept of Christmas to Rylen. This will be her third Christmas and the first Christmas I think she’s understand…. but understand what? The typical PRESENTS PRESENTS PRESENTS, GIMME MORE MORE MORE? Or the Catholic version Or Christmas is about giving (and receiving of course). Do I think she’s old enough to grasp the concept of giving and not only receiving during Christmas? Hmmm.

But I have to say, she floored me and made me laugh.


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