Jordan – 9 Months

Dear Jordan,

This is going to be a quickie and I know I totally missed the 8th month. You’re 9 months old today and for some reason that just seems extra special…6, 9 and then 12 months, goodness! Let’s break it down – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

The Good

You’re so cute I can’t stand it. Seriously, I was a lil worried, I mean I thought your sister was the cutest thing since Suri Cruise and then you come and you’re just as cute but in a totally different way. I love your roundness. I love feeding you, I wish it wasn’t so time consuming to pump in the office and I wish you weren’t such an addict!

Lil J @ 9 Months

The Bad

Everyone got sick this month and when you are displeased you make it very LOUD and clear, so OMG when you’re sick, wow! Amazing you got sick last and better the fastest. You still have the annoying habit of screaming in the middle of the night, it doesn’t matter how much you’re fed during the day. It’s a fact, it’s a bad habit and the problem is that you’re hard to ignore because you’re SO FREAKING LOUD!

The Ugly

Mummy’s been super busy but it’ll ease up in a week and I will try my darnest to bring you swimming!!


I know no two children are alike but you seem to have gotten the memo and are taking your own sweet time with the teething and feeding. You have NO TEETH, your daddy says it’s a bid to stay breast fed for longer… hmm. It’s a little annoying because you seem to be teething – you gum, bite faces and shoulders and then nothing… drool like crazy for a day or two then back to normal, frankly it’s driving me crazy but yes, I am aware it’s normal.

You’ve started crawling properly and you make quick get-a-ways. It’s super scary, no more leaving you on the bed for 2 seconds even. The poor dogs, just when they thought things were back to normal (Ry stopped pulling at their ears and fur at 18th months), it’s your turn and you’re LOUD so besides getting a yank they also get screamed at for making an escape. Poor Axl, he’s always shocked and stressed.

You’re also a LOT lighter then Rylen, so I dug this out Ry’s Schedule and whoa, very different. Yes, it really is time to start you on porridge and I will this weekend. It’s just that you haven’t taken to food as well is your sister did. She’d eat anything and everything! You hate broccoli, pasta etc and have to be forced to try something before deciding that you like it. You’re okay with egg yolk, I have given you some bottled food that contains meat and so far no allergies but you do tend to get red blotchy skin when I give you bread, I’m not sure so, I’ll try that again soon. To make up for the lack of food you do drink a lot more milk – 6AM, 9.30AM, 12.30PM, 4.30PM and 8EV and still want more, faint. Time to replace some milk with FOOD!

You know how  to clap your hands, give me a soft ball, crawl to me when I ask you to and you love to walk supported (yes, I’m still against walkers). I hope and pray I’ll be around to see your first steps, Rylen took her first true stride in front of  both Mummy and Daddy and lets cross fingers you do the same… so you know that would SO make our day 🙂

Love and Kisses,



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