How Heartlander

I’ve been hearing stories about lil kids’ concerts and how these things cost a bomb. I wasn’t aware that Rylen’s taking part in her school’s concert till very recently. I was wondering why she’s been dancing A LOT more this days and a call from her daycare asking us to PAY UP answered that. My new helper rarely has any intention to update me on anything with regards to the kids. I have to ask ask ask. The last 2 weeks have been crazy and I didn’t bother to check Ry’s bag and there was a note about the concert/party and we have to fork out 60 bucks for her costume, tickets and a dvd, which is, I guess pretty cheap, heck I’d pay so I don’t have to sew anything (I can cook, bake, clean if I have too but I CANNOT… rather WILL NOT sew). So the school calls and tells me I really should come because Rylen’s performing… really? I didn’t know but yes of course…. Don’t I just sound like such a caring, updated mother?

Then I realised it’s 60 bucks only because it’s at the nearby CC. The 5% of me that’s atas cringed, the 95% decided that it’s nearby so that’s always good. I have no idea about the song, what the hell Ry’s wearing…nothing. Talk about CLUELESS! I think I should take a day off and pick Rylen up from school soon and perhaps have a little chat with her teachers.


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