Kids are sick AGAIN

Seriously this daycare thing is driving me crazy, I feel so horrible for both of them. Jordan was so uncomfortable last night because her nose was blocked, in the end after clearing her nose at 3-ish in the AM, a bit of play, we let her sleep in the bed between us. This sleep training through the night has been tossed again :(.

Rylen has a fever too, so no school today, I need to get home early so that they don’t drive my helper batty. Rylen of course handles medicine and taking her temperature with ease but getting sick this quickly, I can, see has taken it’s toll on her. I tried keeping her away from Jordan but these two are so smitten with each other it’s just not possible and it’s plain mean.

I’ve also started sneezing and the cough seems to be sneaking it’s way back, sigh. So much for a fun packed weekend 😦 My whole body hurts but I think it’s from carrying Jordan home from the train station because I had too many things to carry and the stroller couldn’t handle it *oops* and then having to carry Rylen home from daycare… my arms were burning, she’s 13.5kg! So I had to carry her on my shoulders! Please explain why I’m not freaking skinny… oh yes Garretts.

However, I’m glad I managed to bring Jordan to the pool yesterday, no pictures because we were alone at the underground pool. I never liked the SRC pool, a pool with no sun… just the idea sucked. But now that I’m OLD, the pool is heated, there’s no need for sunscreen and who cares if it’s raining. It’s therefore GREAT for the kids. I just wish their loo was more baby friendly. TMC and the nearby public pool has a baby/ toddler shower/ changing room, awesome!

Anyways, have a good weekend all.


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