My New Maid (oh yes, another rant)

My new maid is gonna either give me high blood pressure or cause me to BURST A VEIN.

I am trying… really I am. This my fourth maid. In general this makes me look like a pretty shit employer. But lets backtrack shall we? #1 – good maid, fast, efficient but impatient and hit Rylen hence, she had to go. #2 – entertaining, stubborn, liked to do things her way, vain but got on well with the kids – I could live with her BUT she had some health issue and her husband wanted her to go home, a blessing cos I think she would have made my girls vain and I don’t like that. #3 – fast but blur, hardworking but kinda dirty, honest but got knocked up – had to be sent home… nothing I could have done about that, I even had a talk with her about safe sex. Sigh.

This one… OMG. I was reluctant to take her on and sometimes I wish I’d just listened to my gut. We don’t get along. She’s slow and it drives me freaking crazy but I’m trying to deal with it. She’s thinks she’s smart but she’s not. She’s stubborn and that really annoys me.

I kinda lost it last week when I scolded and by scolded; I don’t even mean I raised my voice, I was very annoyed and I let her know it. I also said that I hated scolding her and if she just focused it’d save us some grief. You know what she did after? She ignored me!! She went and cleaned up the kids drawers when she knows the time between 7pm and 8pm are crazy. I had to shower and change both kids, give them both their meds, feed Jordan with Ry in the room and then put Rylen to bed. She didn’t even ask if she needed to cook anything for my dinner, she just sat and had her dinner. WTF! I told R and seriously, I just wanted another maid, like NOW! But I cooled down and R spoke to her while I took the dogs for their walk, I just couldn’t talk to her, I know that if I had to talk to her she would have cried, because I can be a nasty hurtful bitch and she crossed the line and I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself. This was the first time a maid has ever done that, I mean you can get pissed with me but ignore the kids as well? Seriously?!

Then, yesterday (I hate to stay home when she’s around cos I know I’ll get annoyed) I gave her simple instructions and I repeated it and even asked her if she wants to write it down so she won’t forget, she says no need, fine. 20 minutes later after feeding and putting Jordan to bed, I come out and she hasn’t followed instructions. I asked her to boil the potatoes and THEN peel and chop the sweet potatoes then put it in the steamer and I’ll do the rest when I come out. She wants to start on the sweet potato first even when my parting words were… BOIL THE POTATOES first ah…. so she’s wasted my time because I had to wait for the freaking potatoes to get cooked when they should have had a 20 minute head start. I mean I go the extra step to explain myself, especially when I ask her to do things with the kids & dogs. I shouldn’t have to explain everything because I pay you (her) to do what I ask you (her) to do, come on!! We’ve established that you’re not very bright, just LISTEN and DO THINGS THE WAY I (THE BOSS) WANT IT DONE!!

I want a new maid, preferable one without a moustache and inverted nipples (another disturbing story for another day). But, sigh, I am gonna keep trying and will find patience that I never knew I had because my daughters don’t deserve to be put through another change. That is seriously the ONLY reason, I haven’t started looking for another maid, they are the ONLY reasons, unless when I go and do my check-up and I have high blood pressure then we’ll have to relook this :(.


2 thoughts on “My New Maid (oh yes, another rant)

  1. Oh dear! I would have been REALLY REALLY pissed off if I was in your shoes too. I think it is plain rude to ignore you and the kids and go off to have her own dinner.

    Hope things work out for you with regards to this. The additional stress is just not needed!

    We’re on a lookout for a new maid too (finally). Am dreading it with every pore of my body but we’ve no choice! Hopefully things work out.

  2. I know, 2 kids and no maid would kinda drive me crazy so yeah no choice :(. Sending good maid vibes your way.

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