An Update

I over did it on Friday, what’s new right? My feet hurt soooo bad, I had to get R to rub them, I won’t say massage because R is just not capable of it, but he rubbed my feet and it really helped (thank you baby!). First I had to carry 13.5 kg Rylen the 10 minute walk to school. My arm was BURNING. Then I had to carry a 5 kg bag or rice and 2 litre bottle of olive oil in a hurry, home. Please someone tell me why I’m still so fat? Then I got home kissed Jordan toodles and she went to spend the day with my in laws. I took the dogs to the park to play ball. We haven’t be able to do this often because Axl is an asshole! He sees a ball (and maybe cos he really misses his own) and he goes freaking NUTS and gets all small dog yappy! It’s freaking annoying and it pisses everyone off. So I have to go to the park to piss just a few people off. So we play ball and I feed the mosquitoes and 30 minutes later I need to run home to get ready to go SHOPPING.

I miss Orchard, I miss moving around aimlessly, no really reason, no mission, just shopping. It was AWESOME. Now, I’ve kinda given up on being fashionable (okay, I’ve never been a fashionista but still) and I know I’m kinda blah right now BUT I refuse  to be a fashion NO NO (excuse my fitflops, they are usually a necessity). Anyways, I cannot wear fit or flip- flops with tights, it’s so Auntie looking, I cannot stand it. Do you know what I did? I wore heels to go shopping. I know right? I’m an idiot… shopping must have messed with my brain! I did spend a bit of time looking for nice decent looking flats that don’t hurt my strange feet (no luck).

Had to grab a cab, get home in time to bring the poor dogs down for a piss, rush to pick Ry up before 5.30pm and I even caved and got her MacD’s for dinner. And you know what… she had 1 nugget ONE, 3 spoonfuls of corn and of course her iced milo. FAIL! She went home and had a kiwi and that’s pretty much it.

Saturday, we went to celebrate Dana’s Very First Birthday. There was food, too much cake, 3 little girls who took turns crying 😦 and then swimming.
Always a Jie JieRy and Dana

Rylen being Rylen :)Ry being Ry

Toothless HappinessMy Toothless Happy Child

Having a blastMy Heart

It was a lovely morning and I realised I really miss that pool, Wen and I just chilling. I found my wedding dress at that poolside and I had not even met R at that point! We’ve read gossip magazines, suntanned, trained for triathlons in that pool, had many many girly breakfasts – fun times.

Then Sunday, we chilled, my helper drove me crazy. We went to the park nearby, enjoyed the sea breeze, R made Ry run aka making her hungry, we chased other kids’ bubbles, patted horses, swatted flies, bitched about mosquitoes.  That evening Rylen FINALLY ate! Then I got sick AGAIN.

Ain’t life grand?


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