My Lil Teenager

So Rylen’s become quite a handful. Sometimes I look at her and I’m filled with love, pride etc etc and sometimes I look at her and wonder what the hell happened?!

Yesterday we were playing, she threw a piece of her mega block at Jordan. I told her not to do it and apologise to her sister now. She refused to say sorry and she refused to look at me. When I tried to get her to look at me she smacked my face. I tell you, it took every fibre of my being not to slap her back, I’m trying to not raise my hands because I don’t want her to think it’s okay (I was caned as a child and hated it, I also grew up thinking an eye for an eye, I would prefer if I could break that cycle). In the end, she was sent to bed with no story nor song. She went willingly, laid there ignoring us while we carried on taking and playing with Jordan. Then she fell asleep and that was that.

Everyone jokes and says how she sounds just like you Marie hur hur hur. Now… (instinct) that would usually make me wanna stick out my middle finger but yeah. Thing is, she sounds like me at 14! Not me when I was 2! I asked my mom and she says nope, I wasn’t a bad, rude, headstrong kid. So what in the world is happening? Did she read my diary or something? Marieism 101. Sigh.That would make her a genius right?


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