Me Time

I cross my fingers everything goes as planned. I’m in need of a little me time. I’ve made an appointment to get my nails done. Unfortunately, I’ll be hunting  for very last minute Christmas gifts cos you know cake failure. I hate and love last minute shopping. I like it because usually it’s FUN and you get good bargains but when you’re in a time crunch… not so much. I’m heading into town by 11am and hope to get outta town by 4pm. I’ll be alone so lunch will be quick and hopefully painless. Part of me is playing with the idea of bringing Jordan but I don’t think she’ll fit in with the manicure plans :).I wish I had the time to highlight my hair but I don’t have the luxury of sitting down for 3 hours in addition to the hour to do my nails. You would think; it’s 2011, they’d invent a faster way to colour/ treat/highlight hair by now(my priorities are so shallow)!

I’m also looking forward to Ry’s concert… I haven’t a clue about the song or even what she’s gonna wear… they just don’t tell… maybe it’s suppose to be a surprise for the parents, very very weird.

If I don’t get to wish everyone (or blog) before Christmas, have a great long weekend ahead, happy holidays!


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