Okay, my weekend SUCKED.

I really should just leave it as that, but I’m not, no, I’m gonna grumble and whine and if you love me you will read and if not, feel free to come back when I’m not feeling sorry for myself :(.

On Friday we went to the SSO Baby Prom, I managed to score great seats thanks to forum mummy and was pretty excited for Rylen. Guess what, she wasn’t interested in it AT ALL. Jordan, my lil love bug was the one clapping her hands, grinning, moving her butt and chewing on her balloon, while Rylen sat on her Dad’s lap and looked annoyed. Sigh. It went down-hill from there. Of course the reason why she was her worse than usual self = she was/is sick AGAIN. Her fever was 39 plus, there was vomiting, not being able to keep her meds down etc etc, it was a BAD BAD weekend. By Sunday, Jordan caught it.

With all that drama, I still decided to make Sugee Cake… what a mistake. There will be no sugee this year, my cakes… a crap load of cake which were supposed to be presents, all sucked, just like my mood. So I apologise in advance, the thought of doing another batch makes me feel sick; like I want to puke, my heart hurts and my hands turn cold. So drama right? But I haven’t ever failed like this and it’s so bad I wanna cry but I can’t because I cannot believe I failed. So yeah, I don’t think I’ll be making that particular cake for a very long time.

On Monday, I took Jordan to see the doctor. Rylen asked in a perfect sentence (for a toddler) “Mummy, I want to come too, I go put on my shoes okay?” how could I say no. So we went, every thing was pretty okay and then she got tired and there was spilled soy, a scolding and a STOP IT, SIT DOWN IN THE STROLLER NOW, OR ELSE. I hate that I’m such a mother sometimes.


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