Rylen’s First Concert

So yes, Rylen was one of THOSE kids :(, the one that cried and then set everyone else off. I have no idea what songs she danced to… well, cried to. My heart just broke and then just having to sit there while she kept asking for me was horrible. I understand that she’s very young and I understand it’s normal but why do they have the concert during nap time (2pm), it means that the kids are tired, grumpy, maybe hungry and then to see a sea of strangers looking at them OMG. She got treated to salt-less fries and iced milo after. The drama didn’t end of course, she was tired, didn’t want dinner, didn’t wanna shower (bribed with a bubble bath), didn’t wanna take her medicine, wants to sleep, cannot sleep, didn’t want her milk… madness. Finally we got her to sleep before 8, Jordan too and then put our feet up and I declared that we got screwed big time by the school :P. Next year, we’re sitting behind and hidden.

So we don’t have a video of her dancing at the concert, I’m gonna put up one of her and Jordan and her dancing before bed.

Ry Dancing


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