Sleep Training (part…, don’t remember, don’t care)

Jordan was in fact sleep trained by 3 months, we were going to KL with Ry and I was going to go back to work, she slept from 8/8.30 pm all the way to 5.30/6.30am. It was GREAT. Then she got sick and we trained her again, then she got sick again (cos of Ry) and we trained her again… and both kids have been sick/sick-ish the past two months. It’s been hell, it means I’m up at least twice a night to BF because if I don’t feed her she’ll scream BLOODY MURDER. We’ve made the decision to sleep train her again and even if she gets sick or starts teething she’ll be offered water or milk from a bottle. The girl is a boob addict!

1. Told my VERY STUBBORN helper to stop rocking Jordan to sleep. My other helper used to feed, say ‘sleeping time’ and leave the room which is what I do at night. Some days Jordan would fall asleep drinking but mostly there’s a few minutes of crying and she’ll sleep. Of course the grandparents would pass comments but my old helper didn’t care cos she listened to ME. This helper will listen to everyone cept for me, argh. Anyways, yeah, I’ll be checking and making sure she listens.

2. The husband sleeps outside or in Ry’s room. Okay, this bit kinda upsets me the most I guess, I’m used to him in bed with me and it’s sometimes harder to fall asleep without him around (yes, I’ve become one of those women! I blame the lack of work and girlie trips 😦 ). He needs to sleep away, or a) he can’t sleep b) too much negative energy in the room – from Jordan and him, makes me get a headache c) I need the space to sleep further away from the screaming baby!!

3. We’ve been using the fan because a) the kids have been sick and the AC makes their nose stuffy and b) I wanna see how much I save not using the aircon… I’ve always used aircon since I was 18 to sleep, so this hasn’t been easy but thank goodness the weather has been okay. So yeah FAN + OPEN WINDOWS. I had to shut the windows, or someone might think I’m BOILING THE BABY and I’m sure Rylen would have woken up.

4. As I’ve mentioned before this one is a screamer, she doesn’t cry so much as SCREAM. She might sit up and cry/ whine and when I tell her to go to sleep and put her down, she screams extra loud, I don’t think I’ve ever in my life heard a human being scream like how Jordan screams and for so long, so loud…so so so. I’ve never hear a person being murdered, but from what I’ve watched on telly, even those god- awful zombie flicks.. where the people get eaten… they don’t have anything on Jordan. I’m actually scared someone will call the police for child abuse.I remember with Rylen, she’d stand in her cot and go WAH WAH and I’d just say go sleep and she’d sit back down and to back to bed! Of course there was a brief time where she’d cry till she’d puke and I learnt to NOT GIVE IN.

5. I don’t personally believe in co-sleeping. I work, I only have a queen size bed, I move around in bed and my husband isn’t a small size man. I also don’t want my kid falling off the bed plus I like how independent Rylen is… so yes, co-sleeping isn’t for us. I also know that Jordan is different and I know she loves to sleep between us, unlike Ry who actually always preferred her own cot. I admit, snuggling up to Jordan is very nice, she’s yummy and warm and she’s my little love bug and I totally get why people co-sleep but I can’t. I can’t wait will she moves in with Rylen. So once we get this sleep training down, we’ll move them into the same room. I think it’s something we should have done ages ago.

It’s was the second night/ morning just passed, I think it was the worst by far, R got two hours sleep and I got about 3 (yes I fell asleep with her screaming) but my nerves are shot. We will stay the course simply because I cannot do this again…ever. The love bug will be trained and moved :).

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