Sleep Training – Day 3

It was a LOT better last night/ this morning. Not so much screaming, some fussing and then she’d go back to bed. I had a cold so my sniffing woke her up, I went outside to fall asleep and then walked back into the room when the sniffing stopped.

I’m for CIO, it’s worked for me in a controlled setting, I don’t just leave the kid alone, I usually suffer right along :(. Anyways, the is the other side of the coin click, of course I don’t personally agree but I think it’s only fair to share. I’m all about tough love. Anyway, I hope by the end of the week Jordan can move into the lil girls room, because once Ry sleeps, she’s kinda out and I think Jordan needs the peace and not having to deal with my sniffs, R’s farts, our peeing, the dog’s nails on our wood floors and my creaky bed.


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