Sleep Training & Feeding

When I’m alone in bed, the dogs invite themselves. into bed with me Sigh. So between my arse getting too warm from Axl and Stomper getting grumpy that I just kicked her (usually by accident) off the bed and then hearing her nails on my floor, I’m amazed that Jordan slept through. She did wake up at 5.30am and I think she pooped but my nose is blocked (yes I’m sick AGAIN), so I fed her and we both fell asleep till my alarm rang at 6.25am, where I cuddled her and stroked her beautiful round head and then she woke up and gave me a sleepy smile and ‘requested’ to be fed again. Then we kinda lazed around till my 6.45am alarm goes off and that signals for me to get off my ass and get cracking.

So yes, she had a loaded diaper, I have no idea why but she’s been pooping A LOT the past week, it’s not watery so I don’t think it’s stomach flu… maybe she’s just getting too much to eat? 

Her schedule

6.30 am (or earlier) – BM

8.15 am – Breakfast of banana/ apple/ pear puree/ some kinda fruit in a jar + 2 huge teaspoons of oatmeal or multigrain cereal

9.45 am – FM 120 ml and then she sleeps

Sleep – these days it’s just 45 minutes… OMG is she dropping her AM nap already!!! NOOOO!!

12nn – Lunch (usually fish/chicken/pork/whitebait porridge with some kinda pureed veggie)

1.30 pm – EBM 150ml

Sleep – up to 3 hours

4pm – EBM or FM 120ml

6pm – Dinner – pureed veggies, some kinda jarred food mixed with veggie and/or pasta

Fruit (blueberries, pear, apple, banana, yellow kiwi [no seeds]) or yogurt

7pm – bathe

7.45/ 8pm – BM & zzz

Am I giving her too much milk? She seems to need it but Ry didn’t have that much milk 😛 Oh well, I know I’ll cut down  to 3x a day when she hits a year old or maybe remove the 4pm milk feed soon.

Christmas has come and gone and Jordan didn’t get any teeth at all 😦 but she seems to be coping just fine :).


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