It’s been one heck of a ride. I’m not a juvenile and gone are the days I’d expect to have a good year or a even a smooth one. Life isn’t easy, 2011 had a LOT of ups and downs, tears, worry, disappointments etc.

2011 welcomed Jordan, my little love bug, Rylen’s morning joy (they are soooo happy when they see each other in the morning it’s so cute). Everything else kinda pales in comparison after those two :/. We had maid woes, still have them. I’m not loving my job but I think I’ll have to stick with it for a while … just had to learn not to really care and just do. There have been major health issues and all that but we’re all surviving. The dogs have been good, thank goodness. The hubs got out of a bad job (re. crazy woman boss) situation and he’s happier now.

I guess on the surface we really couldn’t and shouldn’t ask for more. I think in general we’ve been blessed with an awesome lil big girl, a darling baby, two healthy wonderful dogs, good friends, family who bent over (usually) backwards to help us because we really needed it this year, jobs which allow us to pay the bills, each other because I cannot imagining surviving this year without my husband.

But the new year is all about setting goals right? And hope that you can achieve them… or at least set you on that path

My goals

1. To ease the hell up. It’s been a stressful 2011, I’ve woken up to clenched jaws and hands and I know it’s starting to worry people that I’m gonna get really sick, have a heart attack or high blood pressure. So yes, I know I have to learn to CHILL

2. Exercise, regularly. This will aid with #1, perhaps if I’m too physically tired to give a shit I won’t care so much? So anyways, I need to shed the 8kg better yet 10kg and get fit again, no more excuses, no more waiting, it’s been too long

3. Using skincare products again. I usually only make sure I slap on some eye cream and usually face cream – AM & PM. My body is a wasteland, it’s flabby, dry and in generally kinda ew so yes, I need to start caring again. This will surely affect goal 2

4. Spend more time with R. I made it clear that I devote myself to the babies till they turn 1 and then I’ll loosen up a bit, it’s his misfortune that we had babies back to back and hence he’s been feeling rather like chopped liver :(. With goals 2 & 3 hopefully I’ll be feeling more like myself again, sexier, more sane and I won’t look at myself in the mirror and wonder why any person would wanna touch THAT

5. Eat right. I eat whatever I can and fast, because 1. I feel sorry for myself sometimes and like comfort food meaning – burgers, especially fries and an icy coke 2. I eat fast because when you have two kids you learn. I try and get in healthy stuff in but I know I need to cut more of the crap out or R and I are gonna be slobs and I don’t like slobs and hence don’t want to turn into one

6. Get two trips in, KL wasn’t counted hence I didn’t travel this year! A trip with R is a must and one with the kids too… I wanted to get a trip with the bitches  as well but I think that might have to wait

7. Do a sprint. I know I can still run 5k, so I just need to start cycling and swimming. I need to so do this. I hope to get in a 10k at the end of 2012 as well. Deep breath… I will try my best to make these things happen

8. Spend more time with my Dad

9. Enjoy my life more, I have a lot of love in my sphere and I need to start enjoying it

10. This is more for 2013 but besides our planned Aussie trip, I would like to climb Mount Kinabalu. I wanted to do this and then I found out I was expecting Rylen. I was going to do another triathlon and then I found out I was pregnant with Jordan. Since I don’t want anymore kids, I can safely say, as long as I have a buddy, cash, leave and my family can join me there after… it shouldn’t be an issue. Oh dear but I. will. make. this. happen!

So just like that 2011 is pretty much over, another Christmas gone. I wish YOU good times ahead and a Happy New Year!


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