Twenty Twelve

The last day of 2011, I went to my friend’s place for brunch with my girls, we ate, talked about – kids, growing old, mother in laws, maids, life, food, tea, etc etc. It was nice and then I had to go get stuff to stock up the fridge, blah.

A few hours before the end of 2011, my parents came over, we took the kids to the playground, came home – gave both a bath, I fed and put Jordan to bed and R did the same for Rylen (them bunking in will have to wait a month because R’s teaching night classes, I forgot and I know I can’t make the change on my own). We had pizza, drank coke and had chocolate lava cake, yums. It was TOTALLY CHILL. We got the dogs ready and headed down for a walk, 5 minute into the walk, I turned around and actually wondered when I got a third dog. I kid you not.. that was my actual thought process, being tired all the time seriously screws with your mind. So there was a white mix breed with us, Axl was NOT pleased, especially since it was a male dog. So keeping it with us was not an option while we looked for his owner, we had to locate the owner NOW. Brought my furbabies up and got some water for the fellow. We split up and tried to search for the owner. I got annoyed and start asking him ‘where’s home, every 60 seconds, he’d stop to pee and I’d be like ‘Oi, focus, where’s home?’. You know what it worked, he led me to his block and sat there… while I contemplated knocking at every door… R walked towards me and he noticed someone on the second floor looking out the window and we kinda stood there for 5 mins and then he FINALLY said… I think that’s my dog… wahlau. We had to wait for his Mom to come back because the dog didn’t like him (and I wanted to be sure). So that had a happy ending, I love that 1. R and I worked so well together 2. R understands that I’d never just leave an animal, esp a pet to fend for itself and neither would he 3. I’m glad we made a family happy

Then we headed back, watched Terra Nova, heard noise, wished each other HAPPY NEW YEAR, turn to Channel 5 for 2 mins to watch the fireworks and then back to Terra Nova.

How are your resolutions shaping up?


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