I’m all for celebrations. I’m usually tired, thirsty, sticky, grumpy and my feet hurt because I’ve been standing to bake, cook, set the table, clean the glassware, arrange the furniture etc etc. I have a maid to carry the baby and wash the dishes… I don’t do dishes. Then just before or when the first guests arrives I run into the bathroom, take a shower, look halfway decent and then it is time to have a bit of fun. Now, 2011… wasn’t FUN. I was kinda tired, Ames was busy and hence there weren’t games to play. I forgot how important these games were till recently, who knew how much fun twister, win lose or draw etc etc were, they really made a get-together FUN.

Jordan’s birthday is coming soon, I’m not looking forward to it at all. Every time I think about it and she’s nearby, I’ll stroke her round head and refuse to believe that she’s turning 1 soon and that she already loves to stand, walk with us holding one hand and screams when I make her sit down but she’s got a little round totally baby face, it’s just not believable. Anyway, I was on a forum and people spend on average of 1k and usually more for a kiddy party! Seriously?!! So I did some checking and once you factor in deco, an overpriced cake, a buffet … it’s about 1000 dollars, I bet my parents never spend more than $200 and that was for a MacDonalds party.

For Rylen’s birthday, we’re gonna book a room at Resorts World and use the pool. She’ll have fun, Jordan too, maybe I can get a tan and I don’t have to cleanup after.

After which, any other random parties, I have a new found love for POTLUCK. I’ll provide the venue, drinks and a dish (or two) and everyone else brings food and I don’t have to go into panic manic mode! THEN I’ll have time for GAMES.

R, remember GAMES for CNY, we need GAMES!! Celebrations are getting soooooo boring!


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