The Weekend

It was a tough week and then I finished it off with a gym session. My first time in a gym in 2.5 years, I stopped ‘gymming’ when I was 7 months along with Rylen and never went back till Friday 13, 2012, whoa. The cardio machines were like old friends, it wasn’t too hard since I have been running off and on but with the numbers on the screen it was an extra push factor. Then I look at the weight machine with a mixture of glee and confusion. Things change, of course I can’t pull or push the same weights, kinda suck. Managed 60 situps with the a 2kg ball and I looked at the kettle weights and I so wanted to give them a go but I have no idea how to use them. Thank goodness there was a time limit (lunch hour) and a tiny voice in my head telling to take it SLOW. I forgot I have a baby and a toddler who love being carried and wake up super early in the morning… seriously not easy.

On Saturday, we kinda slept in with Jordan till 7.30am, passed her to the maid and actually slept a bit more and OVERSLEPT had 30 minutes to get ready and rush to see the TCM (tradition chinese doctor). Rylen’s cough isn’t getting better and her pediatrician has given us a letter to get a x-ray done but says that her lungs are clear so… So we decided to try the massage and no surprise Rylen like it, the bitter chinese medicine not so much, I mixed in maple syrup so it’s just sour not sour and bitter. We need to go again on Monday afternoon, might just stick to the massages and see how that goes. The scene at the clinic I have to say was mind boggling. All these beds in a row with kids getting their hand (left only), chest and backs massaged. some crying, some reading etc… the noise – very unrelaxing but they seem to know what they’re doing. Ry can’t have Milo (the horror), OJ, she needs to have diluted formula milk etc etc. She’s also got a heat rash and a slight fever last night (Sunday). The weather is freaking crazy.

Anyways, the day ended nicely, my parents came over, we took the kids to the playground, put them to bed and then had dinner and chocolate covered pretzels.


On Sunday, another early morning. Chinese New Year is fast approaching and supermarket shopping sucks monkey’s balls. So if I’m going, I’m going EARLY. It’s a nice way to fill some of  the kid’s time too. Of course there’s some sort of drama brought to you by Rylen but other than that it was easy peasy. Got home and lazed then I fell asleep, the JOY. R’s godparents came over to spend the late afternoon with the kids while R & I chilled and surfed online and then it was downstairs for some bubble time and YAY, HURRAY, time for them to go to bed, woot woot. But that’s it weekend’s over, just like that!


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