I’m not hardworking, I love doing things at the very last minute, it’s a character flaw and I’m very aware but I do get things done. I do not want to pass this trait on to my kids.

I hate Mandarin, I hate the way I was taught …HATED IT. I liked it at first it, was okay, fun even then than it SUCKED, I don’t like to learn anything by heart. I gave up, I don’t often give up but when I don’t like something and because I’m not hardworking, I give up, especially when it doesn’t come naturally. The easy thing to do would be to give up, move to the States or Australia so the kids don’t have to learn Chinese. Now, I love certain parts of America and Australia because I love the outdoors and they have so much of it but the thought of giving up and giving in so easily makes me sick. Yes, looking at K1 mandarin made my head hurt because I had to really focus to try and understand the homework (OMG) but I think I owe it to both my daughters to at least let them try. It’s an asset, even my half past 6 mandarin has been an asset so to Berries class next year. For now Rylen’s having a lot of fun with Mandarin songs (which I kinda remember and can sing-a-long, woot) and she can say her 1 to 10 in Mandarin too. I think it’s awesome and I know she tries hard to understand when her Chinese teacher speaks to her in Mandarin, it’s very cute, she’s focused and trying to guess and I have to stop myself from explaining in English.

I’m thinking Berries to give her some sort of foundation and maybe Mandarin Drama class so that it come easily to her after? I so want them to like the language.


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