Jordan had an epic meltdown yesterday and I mean EPIC. Like I’ve mentioned a gazillion times before the kid is loud but she’s never really been a horrible kid to deal with. Bath time is usually nice and changing time… not so much. But yesterday… OMG, she was awful, I’m not sure if I can blame teething or the fact that she got suddenly really jealous when Rylen gets attention but her bad mood was off the chart.

I got home, had a shower, they came back from my Mom’s place, my Mom told me Jordan was grumpy already, so I need to bathe her and get her ready, no one else wanted to do it. Okay… and then I realised why… she refused to get into the tub and when I insisted, she would stand up, throw herself at me and step out, this happened like 5 times, all while screaming in my ear and in a small bathroom. Finally I had enough and just took the shower head and got her nice and wet, got soap on and soap off and yes, she was standing and screaming. It was so weird, because this is coming from a kid who usually hates getting OUT of the tub. Then she’s in her towel and still screaming. I get her on the changing table, she does not want to lie down, she sudden seems very much stronger and I can’t get her damn diaper on. I can’t get her body cream on and I know most will say ‘forget about it’ but we can’t, she’s got dry skin and she need to have the body cream on or her skin gets really dry and scaly looking. Thank goodness Rylen was with my Mom because I could see she was getting worried. I had to close the door! I tried music, toys, tried to dress her standing and she’s screaming and fighting me till her face was red. So I had to just ‘ go deaf’ and get on with it. Rylen demanded to kiss her goodnight, Grandma said goodnight and she’s screaming… yup, still screaming… till I shoved my boob in her face and then QUIET. All is right in the world and everything is good and QUIET and then zzzzzzzzzz.

WTF!!! I’m actually a little scared today, its just 4 of us – Jordan, Rylen and my helper… wish us luck.

Update: The major meltdown was due to teething! Just one evening of hell, the teeth cut through and she’s back to her usual awesome self.


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