Would you like fries with that (hell yes)

I’ve always exercised. Since I can remember, we used to go jogging with my parents, swimming every sunday (as in lessons not playing) etc. Even when I got older I was a PE monitor in school, I wasn’t ever happy with my body till I turned 28 and then accepted the fact that I would never be thin because I love to eat…carbs. Fries, ohmygawd I love fries, I cannot imagine life without potatoes, cheese, chocolate, bacon and mangoes. Anyways, because I always did some sort of physical activity I wasn’t ever fat/ overweight and I never had issues with my arms… till now.

Who knew, I’m still in shocked that my arms were a product of swimming, loving to do weights, cycling or some other form of exercise, I seriously thought I just had nice arms, I could get away with cap sleeves, etc etc, no worries. Now I have to add arms into my problem areas, it’s rather upsetting. Today we FINALLY went to DeBurg and I ordered the smaller burger and it came with less fries and I was SAD.
DeBurg = Awesome
Yes, I actually felt sad, ahahaha. Never mind, that I went to the gym yesterday and pushed myself on the cross-trainer till I couldn’t feel my feet and my heart-rate was 170, never mind that my groin hurts so bad it’s not even funny. I was sad cos I was eating less fries, not NO FRIES…LESS FRIES. This what I need to change, I need to curb the love for food, it’s been 3 years of eat whatever you want and not feel bad and it’s really really REALLY hard to change my mindset. I think I might need to go on a cleanse (shudder) or a two week really strict diet (wail), oh boy, so the body kinda accepts that things need to change. I also need to stop having dinner at 9ish, that one I’m totally blaming the kids :).


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