I’m running behind time (what’s new) but I’m on track. Save the dates were smsed long ago and I’ve finally arranged to get someone to design the invitations (I know, uh, why bother) well, it’s Jordan’s 1st birthday and I would hate to fall into the second child gets less attention/parties/etc etc. Anyways, this will be the only party we have for the kids this year. Ry’s birthday we’re either heading for the RWS or to Bali.

Back to the party. SO the invitations will be sent early next week, some bought food will be confirmed then too and I’ll cook some (I cannot invite people to my home and not cook, to me that’s just appalling) and BAKE THE BIRTHDAY CAKE. Ry’s first birthday, we got a fancy expensive cake and it tasted like CRAP, seriously seriously blah. I’m not a fan of fondant, I hate it, I don’t eat it, I won’t let my kids eat it but I know it’s very pretty but no. Then there’s the pretty cakes… and sure, I like pretty cakes but I rather have an ugly cake that taste GREAT. So erm, that’s what I’m going for, maybe one day when the girls rather do their own thing and I have a lot of time on my hands I’ll take a cake decorating course …but that again I don’t really like frosting etc and would rather learn to paint.

Okay, decor. I wish I was better at arts and craft but I’m not. I can’t even cut straight, so I’ll buy and paste and pray and maybe get a few balloons along the way [please remember not to let your helium balloons float away, it’s very likely they burst and fall into the sea, a nice turtle will consume that piece of latex, choke and die. We have so little turtles these days and jellyfish are really becoming an issue and I can tell you getting stung SUCKS and I have been stung not so badly; plenty and BADLY; a few times and it’s not fun].

Outfits, I have ordered for Ry, myself and OF COURSE the birthday girl the appropriate theme wear . I know it’s silly and I got a Hello Kitty t-shirt (in black of course) for myself for Ry’s Hello Kitty party last year and wore it ONCE. I mean seriously, how could I wear a HK tee and not look like I’ve lost a few marbles?

Speaking about marbles… I was a bit insane but I actually dared to take my S95 into the loo with me to get a few shots of the babies in the bath tub… I lost my G10 (you know while looking after my children, I’m guessing it’s okay to lose a camera because most people would agree losing a kid would be a little more troublesome). SO the S95 is the camera I use when I’m not depending on my iphone. Hence I didn’t get very great shot because one hand was always ready to stop either kid from drinking soapy water.

See those two pails? We save and recycle the kids bath water, we get at least two flushes per bath. It might seem troublesome but it saves a LOT of water… not that it make much of a difference to the utility bill, that’s still crazy high.

Sometimes when I read the stuff I blog about I feel a little dizzy, all mothers live like this right?


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