Jordan’s Birthday Prep

We’ll be having not one BUT two little and not so little parties for Lil J. The lunch was suppose to be just for family and then the husband was all ‘what about my friends?’ so I said okay ask them over for lunch too and then everyone said YES. Really? Well, we’ll see, cos the combination of single men with hangovers and sick kids, I don’t expect EVERYONE to actually turn up but if they do… my bamboo floor is really comfortable 😛 Then I’ll be having a tête-à-tête-ish tea with ma bitches.

I know WHAT WAS I THINKING, since I’ll be working on Saturday and I need to get stuff after work, get some food ready AND bake 2 cakes… WHAT WAS I THINKING??!! Well, I’m thinking this is Jordan’s first birthday, this child smiles at me when I get home and reminds me why I decided to have children while the other one tells me that she doesn’t want to kiss me and she’ll only do so in exchange for a gummy bear (vitamin), lovely. Jordan’s smiles and sucking on my face aka kisses are FREE. I would also hate to be one of those parents who’s second child doesn’t have it as awesome cos of the been there done that syndrome. It happens a lot and you can’t blame the parents it gets more and more difficult and tiring with each kid.

Anyways, I think I’ve decided on the cakes and I have most of the ingredients, thanks to Ann I have the deco… although I wanted to kill her while cutting them up… OMG, I do hate cutting paper… you will NEVER catch me scrap-booking, I’m not a craft person, I can do it but I don’t enjoy it. A few items from birthday direct came in and I need to work on the gift bags today. Cake and some food stuff tomorrow. In order to cope I’ve ordered some food and I cross my fingers everyone likes it. I hate this time… like you know the event is just around the corner but it’s too early to really do anything, it feels like I have ants in my pantz!! And then OMG RUSH RUSH RUSH!! ahahaha, I just glad I’m not in my husband’s shoes, I’d hate to be him right about now….Happy Birthday Jordan Sage


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