Weaning Part 1

So I’m in the process of weaning… I’m going to drop the afternoon feed/ office expressing/pumping session by the end of the week,. She’ll be ONE WHOLE YEAR on Thursday, I think it’ll be the last time I feed her in the afternoon and I hope she starts to accept the bottle from the husband, so far I’ve only managed to give a morning feed once and another but only half way and my helper had to take over, sigh. I’ll continue with the morning and night feeding for a while more… maybe a month or two, I haven’t figured it out yet. It makes me a tad bit sad, I actually cried and called the husband but I need my boobs back, we need our room back, Ry is waiting for her mei mei to join her in her room, it really is time to move on but that also means that she’s not my BABY anymore, sadness…she’s a toddler, gasp.


MH and I read Cup of Jo, so MH sent me this weaning & depression, I don’t recall having to go through it with Ry, perhaps cos I kept pumping for a few months after? I do know I’m gonna likely have a ‘mother of a PMS’, seeing as that I haven’t had my period in like FOREVER. I’ve had 1 period since Dec 2008! ahahahaha, whoa 3 years! It’s just weird when you think about it, I have a drawer full of tampons and pads and I’ve had 1 period… do these things expire? I also read this on Kellymom which is an AWESOME website, btw so I’ve prepared the husband, fun times ahead.


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