Happy First Birthday My Darling

A whole year has passed. I don’t know it seems to have just flown by. Around this time a year ago, I was pacing in the hospital willing you to hurry up and get on with it. Your Daddy wasn’t as worried like he was the first time, he managed to even watch a movie while I squeezed his hand and checked your heart rate a zillion times. It really doesn’t seem so long ago. I feared I wasn’t going to be as connected to you as I was with your sister because I was worrying about her A LOT and I just didn’t understand how I could love someone else as much as I loved her, silly mommy, the heart doesn’t divide and it just grows to accommodate and give more love. You are you, in many many ways different from your sister, a massive curve ball, demanding equal rights, equal time… no pushover.

I keep telling people how you’re still my baby, you still look and feel like a baby. Then a few nights ago I was tickling you, kissing your neck and you laughed a big hearty laugh which totally caught me off guard, when I leaned in to tickle you again you giggled in anticipation. It made me laugh, which made you laugh. I notice that too, when I laugh you laugh …just because. Then there was a night where we played catching, oh the fun, you chasing me and Rylen, hilarious and you kept laughing. I guess you growing up isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Jordan 1st year

Happy Birthday Baby Girl, we have wonderful plans for tomorrow!


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