Birthday @ Sentosa

I was a little worried about the weather but it turned out to be a gorgeous sunny hot day. I put sunscreen on everyone – husband, both kids and then forgot about myself and now have a burn back and chest = silly. I have to admit that it actually felt a little like a vacation, which was sooooo nice and necessary. Sentosa really is lovely on a weekday and Palawan beach was a good spot. Ry was pretty happy with the playground for a good 15 minutes and then we crossed over to the little island and pretty much chilled there for 3 hours. We found an awesome rock, I wish I could lug it back with us, I can imagine reading a booking and suntanning on that rock, it was that comfortable. the kids loved sitting on it while we threw water… like slaves to keep the masters cool.

On to the photos

Splash Splash
splashooo, toes

Had to separate them a little cos they kept splashing salty water in each others eyes!

Chilling for a bit

She had to chill in the shade for a bit and she found the sarong extremely interesting


Sisters Sharing Snacks under the Shade

The last photo made our day, we kinda left them like that while we packed up and then just looked at them, sharing, sitting and not screaming. Then headed to have lunch nearby, got an ice cream, put both kids in the Peg, got them into the car and just like that the ‘holiday’ was over :(.

I fell alseep feeding Jordan and then realised I need to get stuff for dinner rushed to NTUC, rushed home to get dinner in the oven and we celebrated Jordan’s birthday a THIRD time and no I didn’t bake. I made Cannelloni stuffed with chicken, mushrooms and spinach, bechamel sauce (which I kinda screwed up but it was saved with a strainer) and CHEESE. Ry didn’t want any, Jordan can’t have any… it was just dinner for the adults :), we then had jelly, fruit salad AND left over cake, woot.

Jordan’s turned 1, she managed to walk 7 steps before laughing and falling into my arms.

I’ll write about the party soon. Have a good weekend everyone!


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