Rylen 30 Months

Dearest Rylen,

You turned 30 months old during the weekend and well, not much has changed. You’re still whining A LOT, crying for no real reason A LOT, doing this weird thing where you want me to carry you all the time A LOT, being strangely fussy with food aka not even willing to try before you clamp your mouth shut A LOT. It’s been a ‘GREAT’ six months since you turned 2 and I can’t wait for this phrase to end.

You cry (for no good reason) and now it sets your sister off too. When two little girls are screaming blue murder for no good reason and the parents plus helper are sleep deprived it… it’s not happy happy joy joy. It’s more like nails on a chalk board and my head hurts. I told your Daddy on Sunday morning I CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK TO WORK AND AWAY FROM THIS MADNESS! So when it’s your turn you might wanna think twice about being a stay at home mom because it’s a job THIS mother can’t handle.

Anyways, lets get on with the good stuff, you’re still awesome in small doses. It’s also nice to have proper conversations with someone besides your Daddy and at least you remember when I tell you things unlike your Daddy and Ah Kar Lyn! On Saturday, I decided we were over due for some girlie time, just you and me, I know sometimes it seems that everyone’s more interested in Jordan so I thought some one on one time was necessary. It started out pretty nice, we took the bus to Orchard and you fell asleep 10 minutes before we were suppose to get off… of course.


Shopping at H&M was fun fun fun. We got you a pair of jeggings (to replace the GAP ones which you’ll wear to death very soon), a raincoat/ jacket thingie, a cardigan you refused to remove till the cashier begged you, undies (super cute), hairclips and 1 top for Mommy… the way things are these days uh?

Then we had breakfast for lunch, who can so no to blueberry pancakes, bacon and mushrooms at noon?!

You were getting whiny so any hope of me actually shopping went down the drain, no MNG, no Zara, blah. At this point, I kinda wished I dragged the stroller along on the bus with me :(. But we did go to Paragon to the playground and it annoys and amazes me how 10 year old boys think it’s normal to play at a kiddy playground. The crowded playground wasn’t too much fun so we went to Toy R Us and we got cars and a truck for Mei Mei! You both don’t have a brother and I refuse to raise girls who play only with tea sets and the like… we need CARS! Then, I got tricked to get a stroller for you as well, blah. Got some supermarket shopping done and you fell asleep in the cab on the ride home.

I have to admit it’s gonna be more fun doing this kinda thing when both of you are older and I don’t have to make you face a wall at Taka just so that you’ll stopping crying ABOUT NOTHING and cool down (yes, I am that mother and I refuse to give in just because we’re in public). I know things are gonna get more fun, easier and more difficult at the same time. Life has been a whole different kinda adventure with you two in it and sometimes I feel so freaking scared and this coming from someone who will jump off a cliff, a bridge, a plane if someone told her it’s kinda safe. Motherhood is scary on a whole different level, I’m sooo scared I’ll fuck up (excuse the language but there is NO better word) and every birthday and birthday and a half, I thank the powers that be, that you’re okay, normal, smart, sassy lil person.


On Sunday during lunch, I gave you a piece of curry chicken, you took a bite, looked at me side ways and asked “this one got chili right?” I just looked at your Daddy like I couldn’t quite believe it… it was a proper question, rather Singaporean sounding which made it hilarious and then you proceed to finish the rest of my chicken.

No matter how annoying you can get and how annoyed I can be, you’ll ALWAYS be my Superstar 🙂




2 thoughts on “Rylen 30 Months

  1. Hi,
    Came across your blog while blog-hopping and can I just say that I’m so glad I’m not the only mother going through this crying for no good reason phase! I have 2 girls too, 35 months and 15 months old today.. if u’re interested, u can drop by my blog: http://babyoshgosh.blogspot.com/ 🙂

  2. Welcome 🙂 and don’t you think it’s funny when ppl say oh 2 girls, much easier than 2 boys… erm NOT.

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