The weekend was hectic. We had a super busy Saturday, about 9000 over visitors, that meant my team and I – lifting, cutting, carrying giving out 9000 pretty heavy goodie bags. Plus I kinda started croaking and it was seriously tough bossing people around and I hate how shrill I get when I had to raise my voice. My feet, arms, back all hurt like a bitch. Then hit repeat on Sunday! But there were less people and it was manageable. It kinda sucked how little I saw of the kids, a few minutes in the morning and when I got home Jordan was asleep and I got 30 mins with Rylen.

Rylen however has been pretty sick. She kept getting a fever even when her conjunctivitis cleared up. It wasn’t normal at all, since I felt like I was gonna fall over on Tuesday, I decided we’d both get checked out. A trip to the polyclinic to get her x-ray done and collected. I had made an appointment with my GP and FINALLY antibiotics (damn doctor at my workplace is damn stingy), lunch with Rylen and then we all went home for a super long nap. I woke up actually feeling human!

On Wednesday I sent both kids to my in laws place so I could sleep a little more (too many days on the couch, the bed felt great!). I managed to book a slot for a facial! Woot. I’ve been stressed at work & at home and have started breaking out and haven’t had time to deal with skin care, so this is my first facial in FOUR MONTHS! Walked the dogs, hanged kiddy clothes (Ry changes 6 outfits or more a day…just because, grrr), rushed to get there. OMG the PAIN, eyebrows, white heads, clogged pores, dehydrated blah blah blah, my therapist was like “aiyoh, what happened to you lah?” Hangs head in shame. A rather raw face, a great nap and I’m home with a late lunch and just when I fall asleep for another nap (milking it for all it’s worth) the kids are home and it’s madness!!!! I also got it in my head that I wanted to make Blueberry Lemon Cheese Muffins and just HAD TO DO IT. Did that and made Ry’s dinner…which also came back out later on. Ry’s been vomiting a lot more, all the gunk is coming out and she also has this uber disgusting habit of asking me for my hand and rewarding me with a wad of phlegm. Now, I’ve cleaned a hellva lot of poop (dogs and babies), cleaned ears (dogs & babies), cleaned noses, been peed and shat on, cleared anal glands (dogs), cleaned LOTSA vomit but for me…. spitting in my hand is crossing MY line and it grosses me out like nothing else, I actually shiver and cringe just writing about it.

But I have to say I have kick ass children, since we had to go to the paed on Tuesday, Jordan was gonna get her Pneumococcal jab as well. She frowned, looked super annoyed, cried and then I took her to the table with blocks and the crying just stopped. Rylen has till this day has not cried at a single injection – not one. She’s been sick for some time now and she’s been great at taking medication (which kinda makes me a bit sad). She puked so much last night and I dunno, when I get so sick I have to puke – I cry, clean up and curl up into a ball of self pity. Rylen; she gets cleaned up, smiles, proceeds to give me a song and a wiggle bum dance. I have such a wonderful, strong little girl and she’s been asking to go swimming and hasn’t be able to, it’s been a bummer. I hope we kick this once and for all.

I’ll leave you with a super cute (but blur) photo I took of them yesterday.
Blur but super cute picture


One thought on “I’m BACK

  1. I’m feeling the hectic-ness from just reading your blog post. Ha, can’t imagine you still had time to make in the middle of all that madness … I can’t stand my children spitting saliva, ewwww spitting pukish looking things must be even more gross. Glad you survived the week!

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