Seriously Under

I’m sick of being sick and I know for the next 4 years or so this will be the story of my life. When you have 2 kids in school and crappy ass (re. weak) immunity system = sick all the time. I didn’t have time to get my flu jab this year and I’ve had to see the doctor 3 times this March and all three times it’s hit me pretty bad. Yesterday was a bloody chore; my whole body hurt, I was giddy and I had a fever… Ry thought it was fun to make me throw her over the sofa numerous times and I think she wanted to sit on me but I looking terrified and she snuggled next to me on the playmat instead “thank heavens”. Jordan is also coughing and it sometimes wakes her up at night and I have no idea how to shift her into Rylen’s room/ Kid’s room. Add to the fact that Jordan loves to wake up just before 6am and Rylen usually wakes up around 6.30 – 7am. It would seriously suck for her to have to wake up at 6!! I’m annoyed I can’t imagine Rylen.

Then there’s the fighting. The pushing, shoving, grabbing from Rylen and the scratching and grabbing from Jordan. Then it goes too far and Jordan will scream and Rylen will start crying that Jordan made something on her – pain *rolls eyes*. Seriously, if Rylen wasn’t in daycare… no maid would want to work for me :(.

When I get home at 7pm, I cannot wait to hug them both and then the whining, grabbing, pushing starts and sometimes I make Rylen sit in the toilet with me while I take a shower (I have ZERO privacy) and we talk and laugh. My maid will then feed Jordan her milk (cos she still won’t take a bottle from me). I get dressed and we sit and read a WHOLE book …if I’m lucky. Usually Rylen will want to take the book from me to read to us or Jordan will walk off to get a toy and Rylen will insist on sitting on my lap, while I watch Jordan like a hawk cos she not all that stable. By 8pm, I get Jordan out of the room and into my room and I breast feed her a little more and she’s all content and sleepy, sometimes she’ll just want to sleep but usually she has enough patience for one proper story, so I always have a book in my room to read to her, no interruptions. Then she’ll rub her eyes to signal she’s done, some days she wants more milk and other days she wants to get into her cot.

Then I go into Rylen’s room and put her to bed if R’s got work to do or if he’s busy. I love the days when we can both put her to bed, those days are nice. There’s usually two books, a song, sometimes a dance but I don’t encourage it and I don’t get into it when I’m putting her to bed alone because it just totally wakes her up. She’s had her milk earlier, so she’ll go take one last pee, brushes her teeth and then gets into bed and and we say her prayers and I tell her she has 5 minutes to sleep before I leave. Yesterday she asked for 2 minutes… but then again 2 is her favourite number – everything is 2 dollars like Diaso and everything needs only 2 minutes. So yes, it’s usually between 2 and 5 minutes.

When all of it is done it’s nearly 9pm! That’s when I eat and one of the reasons I’m still fat. I really hope when they finally get to share a room, we can get everything done by 8.30pm or I might just eat earlier but that usually will mean I will eat alone (blah).

I know that those 1.5 hours of what I would personally call quality time is awesome and I love every minute of it but I am so happy when they go to bed and I get quiet time and I can’t imagine parents with kids who sleep at 11pm, like OMG WTF! To each his or her own but OMG are you mad? ahahaha. It would drive me bonkers.

Anyways, I have medicine and of course those are limited because I’m still kinda breastfeeding, usually the only full feed is in the morning and I’m seriously hoping that Jordan will just wean herself off but it doesn’t look like it’s happening and every time I think that’s it no more (esp when she bites) I’ll get sick and I carry on because at least she get my antibodies and I don’t make her sick or she’ll get sick (her cough and she had a bad case of wind recently) and it’s never ending plus her face when I feed is just so darling, argh.

From being sick to schedules to breast feeding, I shall end here. Have a good weekend all!


2 thoughts on “Seriously Under

  1. Haha, that’s me, the mad woman who only puts her kids to bed at 10-1030pm and gets out of the room by 11-1130pm, depending on my luck :)) I wish to tell u things will only get better, but I cannot. As of now, it’s still like a roller coaster for me, sometimes better, sometimes not. Have to keep reminding myself to be positive and go appreciate my children to pull through the tough time, when it comes.

    I put both to bed at the same time when my girl was about one year old. It does save a lot of time!! Don’t have to worry how they might disturb each other, just do it, and they would adjust to that. Good luck!!

  2. Because I fetch my children at 4.30pm on most days, I’ll be like “I have spent enough quality time with you” by 8.30pm – 9.00pm and that’s when I start prepping them to go to bed. If they’re still bright at chirpy at 10.00pm, that’s about the magic time that I’ll start to be really irritated with them. Ha, I also can’t understand parents who put their children to bed at 11+ish.

    I personally need a lot of ME TIME everyday, even if it’s just doing inane things like reading gossip blogs online, watching dramas etc. If I don’t get my ME TIME, I feel that I cannot function at work properly or cannot be a good mother the next day …

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