We got back on Tuesday and I spent Wednesday trying to wipe the guilt off my chest. I’ve also decided that we won’t be doing this again for awhile. I understand that we’ll both need time away from the kiddos so we’ve agreed that he can go on an all boys trip and me on girlfriend trips. I’m already planning in my head… now my girlfriends need to get with the programme and not get pregnant ahahaha (not happening).

Anyways, I brought Jordan out after her morning nap. We headed to the airport and she had a good time at the playground and then we went to SingKids. Sigh, I’ve given up on that place, or at least the one at the airport. Neither of them is interested in it, crowded or empty, it’s just not right for them. All Jordan wanted was a balloon and I asked very nicely if she could just take one regular sized balloon and the answer was no, nada, nope. Rolls eyes, 10 bucks, Jordan was bored and no balloon.


Today the husband says he’ll go buy some balloons, turn on a fan in their room and they can party like it’s 1969. Then I went as quickly as possible to T2 to Crystal Jade so that we could share a porridge. She loved the duck porridge, funny thing about Jordan is that she likes her food warm, very warm, that goes for milk too. It’s a little tedious and I tried to train her otherwise but she insist on warm everything, sigh. Rylen on the other hand doesn’t like anything too warm and room temperature or cold is fine and that goes for milk too. Anyway, bus ride, play, eat, train and then bus ride home. She walks all over and that makes for 2 very tired ladies who so needed an afternoon nap!

20 minute nap and I was headed to go pick Ry up from school. Because the shoes I brought her from Bangkok were too small! Sigh. I keep getting her wrong sizes and I have to be careful because she has wider feet. So I felt like such a heel (pun intended and not a good one) so I decided to get her a pair of shoes from Bata. Yes, Bata… first Crocs and now Bata? Well, it was a pretty nice pair of shoes and it’d be good to see how it long it last and if it hurts her feet in general. It’s very plain to see that Rylen LOVES clothes and especially shoes! She doesn’t go for the princess stuff either, she’s kinda got her own funky flare from using hairbands as headbands and she like one side of her hair up and  the other side down. She loves loves loves shoes… just like her Mom and oh at the bag section at Tangs you can see her eyes light up!We had some much needed Ry time with her Daddy and then it hits 7.30pm and bam, grumpy as heck.

By 8pm, I could not wait to put the two of them to bed, we tried to read, basically Rylen loves story time so very much and Jordan is all over the place which annoys Rylen to bits. So while it is possible for me to put them to bed myself, reading time before bed is impossible to do alone. Reading to one while the other is a walking accident waiting to happen is super duper stressful. That being said this walking thing is amazing and she went from super careful to nearly running in less than 2 months but OMG, she’s all over and FAST but she’s not 100% stable so we’re all on cut lip standby!!

About Bangkok. We had a lovely time, perhaps we shouldn’t have gone during Songkran, lots of shops were closed on Sunday and the tailor was super stressed about getting R’s shirts on time. On the other hand I’ve never seen Bangkok so quiet before. I also got sprayed a few times at the Chatuchak. A few good buys there, can’t bargain as much as before, as long as it seems reasonable, I have little interest in fighting over ONE dollar. Just a word about the snacks being sold there – go get it at MBK, cheaper and no need to quibble and get sassy mouthed. I got some kids clothes, a dress that actually fit me, dresses for the kids, belts and some lil odds and ends. The thing is, shopping with the husband kinda sucks – 1. the look on his face plus the pity whining of to Labrador puppies kept in too small cages made me not want to be in that area for no more than a minute, so what would usually take me half an hour which includes me planning in my head how to smuggle a hedgehog into the country was cut to  2 MINUTES… TWO. I felt like just a turd for just being in the area. 2. the husband does not support mindless shopping and will ask for who, for what, why, when will you need it etc etc = very annoying and makes me move on very fast when I have no answer. 3. he complains about feet pain, leg pain, knee pain, hot, sweating, hot, OMG hot, so we left at 1pm! The fastest I’ve ever been out of there! 4. when he shops it’s boring – is it leather? will it shrink? how do I know it’s real? is it really cheap? do I really need it? are you sure it’s not fake. Seriously BORING and he tries on things!! OMG. Okay that being said, I should do that more often because I have a whole shelf of things which are new but I haven’t worn ever because I don’t like trying on clothes… just shoes.

On shoes, I bought 3. I love them all and they all hurt my feet like a bitch but that is what new shoes are all about right? Right? The husband made the mistake of leaving me alone in a mall by myself while he went back to the hotel to put our full of snacks (re. give away items) bag down and I left Zara (and no it’s not cheaper there) with 2 tops and a pair of shoes. Sigh. In my defense, I don’t have that much time to shop and the Zara-s here are huge! By the time I take everything in I need to get out of the shop already and always leave with nothing. In Thailand, the buyer rocked, or maybe cos it’s Spring and the colours were so beautiful, the shop space wasn’t overwhelming, the changing rooms are huge, I had time, the staff weren’t in your face but around if you needed help, I loved it.

We had two massages, one Thai typical massage on the first night and then a really good oily awesome massage. I wanted one more foot massage but I had shoe lust and instead I dragged the husband to Fashion Mall to get them (they didn’t have my size at Chatuchak). We did manage to chill at the pool, shower, get R’s 5 new tailored shirts for his new job! Woot. All in, it was a nice (by my standards) chilled trip (the husband wouldn’t agree), it was great to just focus on us and it for 30 odd hours feel like we weren’t parents ahahahaha. Minus the 3 phone calls home a day and checking on the webcam of course.

I usually wish trips are longer but I think I speak for the both of us when I say, we couldn’t wait to get HOME!


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