The littlest one is allergic to peanut butter…. so it seems. Neither of us are allergic, Ry doesn’t care much for it but she does share a peanut butter and nutella sandwich with her Daddy off and on. I had peanut butter while I was pregnant and breastfeeding and Jordan didn’t have issues. Perhaps it’s too soon? She had a bit of a rash under her eye when she tried some today, I noticed she had a rash around her mouth the last time but my maid said it red cos she fought off the medicine. We’ll hold back on the peanut butter till she’s 2 and then try again.

Right now she’s loving cheese, nutella and soon to try jam with wholemeal or multi-grain bread and also cheerios with milk. She had mee sua for the first time 2 weeks ago and loves it. She also had and self-fed fried brown/red rice and was mad about the sotong balls but with broccoli and egg of course. She’s getting much better with the eating and even shared some of my fish taco. I’m looking for more recipes  that we can all eat together and Miss Fussy Pants aka Rylen will eat as well. Somedays feeding them both is like PULLING teeth but things in general are getting much much better.

I also think that Jordan will soon be ready to switch from bottle to straw cup for her milk, which is a wee bit annoying cos I JUST got her 2 new milk bottles! Playtex really worked for Jordan since she had colic and the nipple was great as well – no leaks and it mimicked breastfeeding. So if you asked for my option or my kids – Playtex and Tollyjoy are  their favourites. I spent so much on avent and nuk I tell ya, I still have unopened bottles! Blah. The night before, she got hold of her sisters’ cup of milk (they are both on the same stage right now) and enjoyed another 60ml extra (on top of her 180ml she had already drank earlier!), greedy little thing.


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