Weekend, just

I was sick. Just when I though, perhaps I should nip into the doctors on my way home and get my flu jab.

We did the usual supermarket shopping and then the kids had lunch and we got them down for their nap. I then rush out to go to Expressions, a Groupon thing that I bought early last year. I think this was seriously the bottom of the barrel. I don’t know if it’s because they operate only via Groupon but it was BAD. Two rooms converted into – 4 and 2 separated with hospital curtains. Seriously? Yes. I was suppose to have two sessions, I begged them to combine it so I never had to come back. So first – the walk to the bus stop, 10 minutes from my place was like CRAZY HOT, then the bus was stuff hot, then the room was crazy cold, then they put me in my undies under a red light that was suppose to melt my ‘fats’… it’s just FAT people. Then, they put these heated pads and some other pads that made my muscles jump all over, esp my thigh muscles… then proceed to call me weak cos I complained that my thigh muscle was starting to cramp, grrr. Then they put under this awful suit and it was okay when the girl came and checked on me, she was nice and then the last 5 minutes I had to seriously focus because it was mad hot and my face started to drip sweat. After all that I stepped into the cold aircon…ahhh bliss…. mall, I’m not too smart. In a cab, I started to sneeze and by the time we put the kids to bed I was dying.

On Sunday, I got a nasal infection… woot. I refused to go out, duh. But we did go downstairs, watch a thunder storm, Jordan looked up and faced the wind and just stood and enjoyed the wind in her face. The dogs were loose and chasing leaves, Rylen and Jordan were playing hide and seek under the block with their Daddy. It was in a word – NICE. We all took naps and then dinner, bath and off (by request) to see the Grandma & Grandpa. My Dad’s back has been hurting and he was lying in bed, Jordan goes up to him and puts her head on his arm, so very lovingly, when Rylen follows and my Dad feels so loved and needed, he gets outta bed and feels much better. My Dad is the only person who Jordan can just sit on and well, just sit for more than 10 minutes and not fuss. She just sits and watches him talk. Finally, someone who’ll listen to him ramble :).

That’s it, my weekend and hence why I’m looking forward to tomorrow, the weekend passed too quickly.


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