Being Hit By A Huge Viral Screw Over

I’ve haven’t been feeling 100%, the kids being sick usually means I get a lil love on the side, so I usually have a running nose or a cough or an itch throat. I was just thinking how I really should get the flu jab when BAM. I landed a viral fever, now Ry’s had it before and for 5 days we just gave her baby panadol to keep it down and it went away. So I figured I’d so the same… till day 3 came and I had a presentation to make and my fever breaks right when I’m up there and I’m sweating buckets. I really hate public speaking I’m guessing. So I went to the doctor and did a urine test… funny story cos I dropped the cup in the loo and my piss was tainted… this will only happen to me. I did fish it  out (it was floating, washed it, dried it and then reused it… not clean enough). I was told viral infection, just take panadol, rest and water. It’s the weekend and I have 2 kids what the hell is rest? But the weekend came and I actually felt much better.

I came home from an adult dinner where I watched people on TV get smacked around a lot, ate great food and too much dessert… so I went to take a shower and I’m covered in red awful rashes. OMG, what the hell. But it’s okay, I take an anti-histamine and a really great sleep all the way to 9.30am. Sunday is a bit of a blur and then…

It’s Monday and I feel really blah. My watch can’t fit, hmm… my fingers are fat. I go to work. On Tuesday, I wake up and stand and choose what I want to wear and I realise I cannot stand, my legs are cramping my arms are tingling… am I gonna DIEEEEEE??? Seriously I freaked out and went back to bed. I headed to the doctors again (why do I always have to go twice) and I have …. VIRAL ARTHRITIS. Seriously, I would settle for the flu, really. So feels like an old person and will continue  to feel this way for a week or two and there is NOTHING I can do about it. The doctor does order a blood test and I’ve been informed that everything is fine. Two days of rest, I can’t say I feel better, I can walk, I just can’t stand still… it’s either walk/ move or sit/ lie down and of course lotsa water and rest. Tell the rest bit to Rylen, she weights like 14.5kg now and feels like 30kg when I’m in this state and she gets so upset, every night I have to make her cry at least once, argh.

Anyways, till I got it, I never knew I could get a sneak peak into growing old, it’s not fun at all. Oh oh oh and I think my period is FINALLY on it’s way. I had spotting since yesterday and knowing my body it’ll hit me when the weekend comes, cos my body hates me.


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