I have bought – 1 large sticker book, 2 smalls sticker +books and a huge colouring book with the stamp colours and these will be used as bribes. Rylen HATES combing her hair, hairbands, clips and the like. She also has developed this rather annoying habit of flicking her hair. I am not a girlie girl, I like my share of flowers and sparkles and makeup and pink but within reason. So far Rylen and Jordan like colours other than pink, phew and Rylen has informed us that her favourite colour is green, woot. The hair flicking however annoys me.

I’ve been thinking of giving Rylen a chic bob… but I have this thing called a Mother in Law. And mostly she’s awesome (yes, I have to state this or my husband might also flip) and I love her even when she drives me mad and because she’s not MY mother I can’t – do the eyebrow, frown and scream “MOMMMMMMMM!” So anyways, my MIL is what I would call a supernova girlie girl – she’s all heels, makeup, hair, bling and matching shoes. She has informed Rylen about my intention to cut Rylen’s hair, grrrr… she’s also now turned it into a plot aka threat. Rylen has been told that if she allows us to tie her hair she won’t need to have her hair cut because Mama (MIL) doesn’t like her to have short hair. GRRRRRRR!! Guess what? I don’t care, she’s gonna get hair cut cos guess what HAIR GROWS. I actually wanted to wait till I lost some weight and cut my hair too but it’s already May, at least if Ry looks awful with short hair she would have longer hair by Christmas…right?

Fact is my Mother was pretty evil about hair. If I failed a test – cut hair, if I didn’t wanna study – cut hair, if I was too vain – cut hair… OMG, I’m turning into my Mom!! So I want to be nice about it, I don’t want to hold her down, take a pair of sewing scissors, butcher her hair and then after that bring her to the neighbour salon and get it ‘fixed’. I had such a complex about my hair and I refused to have it short till I was 18 and only because I wanted a longer version of the” Rachel do”. So yeah, I don’t want Rylen to get too vain and I don’t want her to have my hair issues. So I have bribes and I want her first hair cut to be a LOVELY experience and I’m gonna get it done over the weekend and NO I’m not letting the MIL know about it and I will be a sucker with bribes bribes bribes.



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