Jordan 15 Months

Dearest LoveBug aka Jordan,

It’s hard to fine enough time to post more than once a week and especially hard to find time to post something meaningful but you’ve turned 15 months and you’ve changed so much it’s time for an update.

Where do I start? You finally got your appetite back and love your food and vegetables… fruit – not so much. You want to try EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth! Then you complain that it’s spicy ahahaha, which I’m sorry but that was funny. You know how to complain when your sister bullies you or you think she’s treated you unfairly, it’s hilarious, you actually scream then walk over to me and grumble, point to Rylen and grumble some more till Rylen gets a scolding and then you’re satisfied but still glare at her :). It’s gonna be really interesting when you start talking…. good times ahead. However, when your sister has to stand in the corner, you tend to join her and give her a hug :).

It’s just been amazing watching you grow into a little person with your own large personality. You actually do things to make me laugh, when I laugh you laugh louder, cuteness. A few nights ago, we were looking at some photos on the wall, you pointed to Stomper and said “bark” and true enough Stomper was barking like a nutter. Then I asked where’s Daddy and you pointed to Daddy in the picture and then I asked where’s Mommy and you touched my nose *melts*. You have a certain way of asking to be carried and then you’ll shift your weight to my side – your spot. You also say Dada when you see Daddy… and Jie when you see Rylen… no Mommy yet (same as your sister, sigh).

My Love Bug

How I wish I could freeze you like this

Some days, I cannot wait for you to get older so we can all go cycling or plan more exciting holidays and then some days I love you as is and I don’t want you to grow up, you’ve so wonderful right now and then I feel sad  because I won’t have anymore babies! No more puppies, no more babies, wail, omg! No more baby cheeks, baby chubby thighs, baby curls to stroke and sniff.


Baby Curls @ 15 Months

I’m gonna go get a little bit more depressed now.




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