Despite our best efforts, Rylen got Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  According to the childcare centre, no  one else has it, which would mean that she didn’t get it from there. The only other high possibility is that she got it from the doctor’s office when we brought them to get their vaccines the week before. Which teaches me one lesson – do not let them play at the doctor’s play area. If your kid has HFMD and you bring them to the doctors please make them keep their hands to themselves. Usually, I try and keep the kids outside and wait but, after a few missed turns and since I had to deal with two of them and Jordan is now at the climbing stage I kept them where I could see them. Oh wells.

Rylen being the trooper that is she, handled the whole thing rather well. The fever brought her down, it was horrible to see her all sullen (Thursday night) but by Saturday when the rashes and sores appeared and the fever dissipated, she was 90% back to her usual self cept for the cries of – painful, itchy and showing me her tongue. Loads of watered down fruit juice some spoonfuls of strawberry ice -cream (not much, she wasn’t very keen after day 2, she still drank her milk with no issue and ate most of her food and she was fine but very bored by Tuesday. Allowing her to visit the playground only when it gets dark and when all the other kids have left is so very sad. I also had worksheets for her to do and brought out an IQ puzzle. Which I have to admit I had to take sometime to follow so I can’t imagine her being interested in these things any earlier. OMG it was like pulling teeth! She was annoyed and bored within 2 minutes because I was trying to correct her and I was getting frustrated. So I called it quits within 10 mins. Not a good start BUT I will try again and again during weekends while Jordan is asleep. Focus is also my issue, I totally lack it until I have no choice and at the very last minute. It’s not a trait I want my kids to inherit, so I need to get serious with these things.

Anyways, sleeping. In general, they woke up earlier than usual. Jordan started having a a fever by Saturday night and it went up as high as 39.4, we had  to give her baby panadol every 5 hours or the fever would get too high and we’d have to apply the cold towel which she hates. Thankfully most nights she’d go right back to bed after a dose and Ry would keep sleeping. However, till now, she’s had no spots, no mouth ulcers. She does, however. have 3 teeth trying to make their way out so she’s super grumpy even with no fever. She’s been very clingy, whiny and demanding. Together with Ry being clingy, whiny because she’s sick it hasn’t been a great week.

I do hate it when people think that when you take Childcare Leave you’re gonna look all refreshed and radiant. There’s 2 kinds of leave – the first and usually the case,  is because your kid is sick. When you have to stay awake to give medicine and then wake up 5 hours or so for the next dose and then some times they don’t want to go back to sleep, or they’ll only sleep on your chest, it’s hell. So at most, you have an hour to nap when they nap in the afternoon. You also need to make them dinner and lunch and make it good enough so they eat it eg. tasty soups and yummy cutlets. Plan things so they don’t just watch TV, read till you lose your voice and sing and sing and sing. Clean noses, bathe them, give medicine, etc… cos if the mother is around the helper is not gonna cut it. I was covered in Calamine Lotion till my nails split and I started using a paint brush instead! Then there’s the second type of Childcare Leave – when you plan something special and that usually means – packing the night before, then one of the kids wakes up on the wrong side of the bed but you’ve taken leave and the trip/ outing must continue. This usually involves lotsa heavy lifting; diapers, water, snacks, extra clothes etc and the usual CARRY ME. So as much as you enjoy this version of your childcare leave you’re likely to be tired as well and drained. So please don’t ask me if I’ve had a good rest, I didn’t get to shower the WHOLE DAY, I didn’t have a SINGLE pee break alone, my nap involved me telling Rylen to sing softer, sleep, stop putting her finger in my ear, stop singing in my ear and to please go play outside, PLEASE… to which the answer was NO but she did sing softer. I was too tired and actually did fall asleep off and on.

I’m pleased that Rylen is going back to school next week, cept for this annoying boy Ian who keeps pulling her hair she does like school and frankly we could all use a bit of a break because Rylen is loud and sings A LOT and it’s very cute when you’ve had decent sleep or in small amounts, know what I’m saying?


2 thoughts on “HMFD

  1. She’s much better though she sometimes insist that her scars hurt 🙂 my lil drama queen.

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