When Ry got HFMD, we had to keep her home for more than a week and she was fine, then she got a bit of a cough when she went back to school and I got her over the counter medicine that she’d taken before and it seemed to work. She got better and it lasted a week? We’ve heard her coughing again and it’s been pretty bad at night and last night it got so bad I moved her in with me while the hubs slept on the sofa. I hardly got any sleep, I don’t know how people co-sleep cos it’s painful. I got whacked on the face 3 times, screamed at twice (cos she didn’t know where she was). Every cough, every time she move away from me or to me, hugged me; I’d be drifting off and than woke up. Honey water didn’t help either, she looked like she was in so much pain and asked to see the doctor. Really pitiful. She’s gotten really heavy over the last 2 months (like more solid) and sleeping with her on my chest does not feel the same but it usually helps till she falls deeper into sleep so that she won’t cough so much.

She really likes her school but I think we really have no choice and we’ll be sending her to another non-a/c school and she’ll have to take a school bus, I might have a heart-attack but I know that she’ll be fine and if it means that she’ll have less issues and I don’t have to visit the doctor every 2 weeks… I’ll stop now cos I’m rambling and I feel like I’m gonna fall over.

I’m was thinking if I should switch her to goats milk… the problem is that I didn’t work before , sian. Anyone have any other suggestions on cough remedies?


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