Seriously? She’s Still Sick? Seriously?

Yes, seriously. So since Sunday Ry’s cough got so back she vomits on her bed. She actually asked to see the doctor to make her better. I tell you with vomit around her mouth, vomit on my toes and arm, I looked into her beautiful huge eyes and she looked so sad and so sick, my heart hurt. She spent the night in my bed with me while the hubs slept on the sofa. She was fine in the morning so we sent her to school and I brought her to the doctors at night, we see him wayyyyy too often, I’m just blessed that he’s a 10 minute walk from my place.

Monday and Tuesday night, she’d vomit again after a bad episode of coughing and we’ll ‘snuggle up’ in my bed and the hubs would take the sofa and I’d wish we’d switch places. See, I don’t like cuddling…. I don’t really like people touching me much when I sleep (you cannot imagine R’s pain cos he’s a major hugger and I can deal with 10 mins of it and then I get annoyed) and I LOVE kissing and cuddling my kids…. when I’m awake. She’s sick so there’s much cuddling, she coughing in my face, slams her head on my chest, tummy and face, makes me sit up so she can lie on my chest, give her water, tells me she wants to spit and tells me that she’s coughing…. for THREE NIGHTS. I think I had 2 or so hours of straight sleep at some point per night. On Wednesday, I got the in-laws to bring her to the doctors again because this can’t go on. Can you believe the doctor didn’t wanna see her! So we insisted and he included Fluimucil (which I had asked for earlier and he refused to give, grrr). Last night she slept in her own room in her own bed with the little sister and I only heard her cough once at 6.15 am waking Jordan up, while she kept sleeping till 6.45am. I had proper sleep from 11pm to 6pm and felt normal again = bliss. I asked her if she felt good because she had good sleep and she nodded her head and smiled. You and me both kid :).

We’re actively are trying to get Ry into a different school, sigh, it’s a bit sad because the location of her current school, the teachers etc are just fine but it’s air-condition and Rylen’s lungs are super sensitive now because she’s had a cough for such a long time that it’s really shitty situation all around. I looked at a school nearby but it’s at a house and it’s 2 floors and I have horrible visions of her pushed down the stairs by accident, she’d have to take a bus because it’s too deep into walk and there’s a shortcut but I won’t allow my maid to use it with my kids EVER. Then there’s another school but it’s 5 bus stops away, she’ll have to take a school bus too and that one if my maid forgets anything… erm. For now she goes to school in the morning, has lessons and lunch and then goes home. I just don’t know if my maid can cope with them both for such a long time because Ry’s really mischievous and Jordan’s SUPER FAST.

Option 1  (Option 2 next week)
Option 1

And there’s one of how fast Jordan is…


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