24 Hours

Some days you wish you had more than 24 hours and some days you wish for bits of time to whiz by so that you can get to the nicer bits. So tomorrow we’re gonna try and bring the kids to the Zoo, it’ll be Jordan’s first time. We’ve tried a few times before and it hasn’t happened, it’s either now or end of August. I’m busy from now to the 20 July and then the hubs will be lecturing during the weekends till end Aug, busy busy busy.  So Ry’s school is closed, she’s coughing but it’s not horrible, Jordan’s good and lets hope nothing turns to sh%t in the next 14 hours.

What I hope to achieve this weekend:-

1. Paint my own nails
2. Take the dogs to the beach cos it’s Stomper’s 5th birthday on 26 June!! My only blonde child is 5 already!! Time flies and she’s still batty.
3. Zoo
4. A nice dinner with the hubs
5. A movie
6. Get the kids their bookshelf!!

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